What? Can you say that again? Sorry! I wasn’t listening. AKA Adventures in Social Media Marketing!

Sssh! Quiet! Can you hear that? The silence is deafening. The silence can also be detrimental to your business. Most businesses have a marketing plan that defines the demographic and creates marketing solutions.

When you approach the digital realm you have to make sure that your conventional blinders are off, otherwise you might not hear the noise and that could be damaging to sales and your company.

I keep referring back to one statement in “Groundswell,” that has been an epiphany for me. It is also in my opinion the most important reason for social listening, “your brand is what your customers say it is!”

(Bernoff, 2011)

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Social Listening is research, monitoring, and conversations with the media, influencers, customers, your employees and the competition.  It is a form of business intelligence.

One of the easiest ways to engage in social listening is twitter; you can search for all sorts of information, look for #hashtags #keywords #conversations, all relevant to your company. You may even want to check in with your competition.

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You can also search hash tags, keywords, conversations, all types of things relating to your company and industry on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Interact with customers in a meaning full way. React to suggestions, ask for advice, don’t be afraid of mistakes, you can learn from mistakes. And know that if you take a customer’s concern and offer solutions, not only have you solved a problem, chances are you have gained a lifelong customer who will spread your word. You know “Word of Mouth on Steroids!”

(Maxwell, 2016)

It’s important to think outside of the box. Search out failures in your industry and find out what is considered a failure by your customers. Don’t forget to study the way they speak, their language becomes keywords and phrases which can then be applied to an “AdWords campaign” (https://wordpress.com/posts/benbabchishin.wordpress.com, 2017)

The different forms of searching you can do are endless. 93% of online activity starts with a search, so type in some of your keywords and see what auto suggestions appear in the pop down. Once you start looking for places to listen you will see them everywhere, make sure you take of advantage of this and engage in conversation with your customers.

Social listening can be made even easier with an APP. Google has “Google Trends” and there are things like “DUCKDUCKGO,” or TalkWalker.com, just Google social listening apps,



The best part, all this social listening can be handled through Hootsuite!

Social listening will be the start of my social media marketing plan. It seems so common sense. Find out what your customer wants and give it to them, what could be easier?  The only catch is that once you start, you can never stop. A bit like the Hotel California!



Some of you will get this reference, some not. If you don’t, you’re too young! It’s also a great segue to next week’s lesson, “Top 5 Tips for YouTube Channels.”

Till next week!




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