The New Boob Tube AKA Adventures in Social Media Marketing.

The adventure continues. This week I was able to learn more about my favorite platform. YouTube is considered the second largest search engine online, next to Google. I have wasted many an hour on YouTube as one video leads to another.

“Top 5 Tips for your YouTube Channel!”  (Alexander, 2014)

Ultimately you create a YouTube channel for 3 purposes.

  • Share Content.
  • Build a Community.
  • Make Money.

I’ve had a YouTube channel for a long time. It is where all my digital video goes. I have described it as a portal to the work of Hired Gun Productions.


A lot of what was discussed I already knew, but there was a few good ideas. For example, it was suggested that you play around with keywords, using different descriptions on YouTube than on your website. I thought that was interesting. And I now know a lot about Keywords! I also found out about a new keyword tool, Wordstream. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also  important and YouTube is the only search engine that still recognizes metadata, so your tags are crucial for success.

Something I had never considered was linking common videos, so one leads into another. Then there is more opportunity for the viewer to continue watching and because of this, there is a better chance that they will return. Makes sense, so, I made a playlist for my “Father Time Series.” If you chose to watch, please note  the series contains adult themes and language.



Another suggestion is that you use an intro video. All I have is a demo. This will have to do right now till I can create something that describes who I am and what I do. Once again, be forewarned the demo contains adult themes and language.

(Babchishin, Ben Babchishin)

Finally, it was suggested that you subscribe to other YouTube channels, perhaps a competitor and watch for innovation. There is always something you can learn from others.

Short and sweet this week, next week will be a bit more intense as we move through the inner workings of LinkedIn.

Till next week!



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