“What’s On Your Mind, Ben?” AKA Adventures in Social Media Marketing!

Over 1 billion active users, it boggles the mind; I can only be talking about one thing, a phenomena that has totally changed my world, and I suspect yours as well.

This week’s lesson is “Facebook for Business!” (Adams, 2016)

I’ve been on Facebook since 2005. I was an early adopter and I love it. Great connect, interact and enjoy friends. And now, as I have learned, it’s a great place to do business.

This is a tough blog to write because, even though I have learned a lot, much of it I already knew. So, I will speak in general terms.  First off, you will need to create a business page, which you open from your personal wall. In a column on the left side, near the bottom, is a key that says pages. Click on it, and it will take you to a list of all your pages. If this is your first page, it will be blank.


(Ben Babchishinb/Facebook)

Now, top right, click on the green Create Page button and bam, you are off to the races, creating your own business page.

So why do you want a business page? Remember over a billion users. This is where you market your company and what you do. It is the full meal deal. You offer rich content, you engage with customers, you communicate, you listen.

Most of this week’s lesson was the mechanics of setting it up. I will not be talking about this but, rather the different things you can do, how you can advertise and the potential.

My page had been up and running for a few years, and I now was getting the opportunity to fine tune it, and make sure it was running at peak performance.

The first thing I did was create a call to action.


(Ben Babchishinb/Facebook)

Right side, just under the photo, is a Call Now button. It used to just say button and I had the option to include a call to action such as; Call, book now and find out more. I hadn’t thought of that, and just assumed they would find my number if they needed it.  Then I created a user name @bbabchishin which can be searched and found outside of Facebook.

Once you are up and running, you can modify everything; what you post, when, who can post (these are known as administrators). You can add a Facebook like button on your website, there is a tool to help with that.

As we go along, the one thing the instructor mentioned and I blew a sigh of relief. Some of this could be beyond my skill set, and I might have to enlist the help of a tech savvy friend. No kidding.

So let’s start posting. What will you post, what will you say, what do you want to happen? We do now know that, organic posts no longer get the results they use too, and it is quite likely you will have to invest in some form of advertising. The ads are designed for success, you pick location, demographic, likes, and dislikes. You find your audience, and you provide them with valuable content about your business.

I decided to give it a try. Facebook suggested that, if I spent $5.00 a day, they predicted my page would get anywhere from 1-5 likes. I bit the bullet and bought 4 days, 20 dollars. Worst case scenario I get 4 likes, best 20, the cost, 20 bucks. In my defence, I wanted to use this information in this blog and I thought of it on Wednesday, November 8, and the blog is due Sunday, so yeah, 4 days was all I had, honest I wasn’t being cheap. The results will be featured at the end of this blog.

Rich content is king. When you post, make sure it is right, it looks good, and does what is intended. You can then use the tools on Facebook to target the right people; age, gender, location. Hashtags help with search ability. I mentioned the hashtags tool in my Instagram blog, so you might want to check that out.

Facebook allows you to create photo albums, a photo carousel will scroll images from a link you provide and you can create your own slide show. These are interesting ways to present your content. Personally, I still prefer the Ripl app I recently downloaded.


(Hired Gun Productions/RIPL, 2017)

If you have a favorite post you can pin it, so it always appears first on your page, otherwise it is sorted by date.

Whether you’re posting content, having an event, or sharing information, you can boost the reach of your endeavors with Facebook ads. You manage it all through Facebook’s Ads Manager, which also looks after advertising on Instagram.

Depending on your business type you can set up to receive rating and reviews.  Social Listening is important here. You need to be prepared to respond to questions and critiques, as well as say thanks to praise. Facebook is a social community. You have transparent communication; everyone can hear what is being said. Unfortunately, with all this transparency, you have to be on the lookout for trolls. Know that you can delete comments, and some can be reported to Facebook as abusive.

As you delve more and more into Ads on Facebook, you will be working in Ad’s Manager. There are three levels to Facebook’s ad structure;


-Ad Sets


The Campaign is where you determine your objective. There should be only one objective per campaign. When you determine the ads to run or ad sets you also decide the audience, placement, budget and schedule. The ads are just that, text and media.

At any time, you can click on Insights at the top of your page, and be taken to the Insight Dashboard.


(Ben Babchishinb/Facebook)

You get a snapshot of the past 7 days. You can see likes, reach, page views, and the action that was taken on the page. You will see how different posts worked compared to others. They will even show the differences between your organic posts and the paid ones. Breaking it down further, analytics tells you the location of the person, age and device they were using. You really get a sense of what works and what doesn’t, and where you should put your ad money.

What is really nice is that, you can export all these insights onto a spread sheet. This can then be used with clients, at meetings or for your records.

There is also a message button on your page. Anyone can email you. Once you get the email, there are tools to categorize and prioritize them. It can really give you a leg up in customer relations, when you can find all interactions with a particular individual, in one place.  There is a lot more about messages that is above my head, but you can check out Facebook Fundamentals for that stuff. Don’t be afraid to search out help on Facebook, they have all the info you will need, right there.

And lastly, like your personal page, you will receive notifications, which is just a list of everything going on. If you are still waffling on whether or not you should advertise on Facebook, just note; I Googled Facebook ad revenues and found that they made a bit over 8 billion dollars, during the last quarter for 2016. That number tells me that people are successful with their Facebook ads; otherwise this number wouldn’t be so high.

Now my experiment, 5.00 a day, 4 days, Noon, November 8-Noon, November 12, and the results are… (Drum Roll).


(Ben Babchishinb/Facebook)

They said in 4 days I would get anywhere from 4-20 likes. Small numbers, but with just a little effort I got 25 likes, way more than predicted.

On a personal note, I have taken Facebook Pages even further. I create a page for every film I am working on. That way the film becomes its own business. I am creating an audience for it, before I have begun. One of the films I am working on is a documentary titled, “Shawn Bernard-The Road to Redemption!” It’s a tragic story, so feel free to like the page. Feel free to watch the short DEMO we created for the project

(Babchishin, 2016)

My journey into Facebook isn’t over, next week is “Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter.”


Till next week!





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