Okay, now what? AKA Adventures in Social Media Marketing!

Some of you may know, I just completed a Social Media Marketing course at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in Edmonton. I did quite well and now have an understanding of how to use social media to sell! The next step is putting it to work. First off I am planning on rebranding a bit. I am creating a new website over the next few weeks. I also had a new logo designed. Felt it was time to leave the bullets behind. Time for a softer, gentler Ben!


Let me know what you think?

My first client is an Edmonton Photographer and friend, Rob Hislop. Rob has been around for a while. We met at CTV Edmonton when I was the Creative Director and he was an Anchor/Reporter with the news. Rob then moved onto to do the news at CITYTV and is now an events photographer in Edmonton. His company is Rob Hislop Photography.


(Rob Hislop Photography, 2018)

He does work for sporting events, concerts, shows, he does the Singing Christmas Tree, festivals, even corporate headshots.

SCT-Dec 13, 2017-3753

(Rob Hislop Photography, 2017)

His real passion is working with charities. He recently returned from Ethiopia where he photographed a group of dentists providing dental care to Ethiopians. He loves this kind of stuff, but it doesn’t pay, he had to buy his own air ticket. That is okay, he doesn’t mind the expense he feels it is extremely rewarding for all involved.


(Rob Hislop Photography, 2017)

To be able to continue he needed to start increasing business in events photography.

After examining what he had been doing I made the following suggestions.

-Produce a promotional video. One that would showcase photography while an interview with Rob provides the narrative.

-Create a Facebook business page, as well as Instagram. They are owned by the same people and you sort of need one to do the other. We will be buying ads, and boosting the posts on both platforms. The key content will be His photographs and the video.

-Amp up his presence on LinkedIn. This as well will include some advertising.

The plan is to turn Rob into an influencer, a go-to guy when you have photography questions. Rob will be starting a blog as well as sharing his photography extensively over these three platforms.

We will start work on this plan beginning in February with a launch in early March.

My next client is also a friend and a little more challenging. Enter Kathleen Miller. She is a Death Doula! She helps people and their family and friends accept and prepare for their own demise. She is a licensed spiritual minister and an end of life consultant. I like calling her a metaphysical baggage handler.


(Kathleen Miller-Honoring Lifes End, 2017)

We have been talking about this for a while. Trying to figure out a social media marketing plan. I feel I have been dragging my feet a bit, but in my own defense, this one has me stumped on what to do. I have a mental block I’m trying to get through and that is that thinking about dying seems morose and unpleasant. I suspect it is because I haven’t come to grips with my own spirituality or lack thereof. But after many a coffee chat with Kathleen, I am slowly realizing that perhaps being prepared for the end might make the now easier.

On a tangent am working on a film titled “Conversations with a Death Doula,” I think it would be interesting to explore different cultural rituals when it comes to end of life.

But I digress, my next project is to come up with a marketing plan for Kathleen and her company, “Honoring Life’s End!”

You are up-to-date with where I am at. Watch for Rob’s social media and feel free to like and share.

Till next time!


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