“The Circus Has Come To Town, And the Clowns Are Running the Show,” AKA Adventures in Social Media Marketing.

Evil clown Shoot


Forgive me internet for I have sinned, I haven’t blogged in over 2 months. The plan was to talk about the social media marketing I am doing with some of my clients. Well, as I should have known, these things take time and I haven’t had regular stuff to talk about, so I just didn’t bother. Mistake, I am correcting it now.

Today, I will be talking about a number of things. Primarily social media marketing. What about that Facebook? First off, they launch a new algorithm. Their explanation is that they want users to have the same experiences they had in the early days. Content from friends and family and fewer adverts. Actually, less organic advertising. If I post something on my business page, chances are very few of my friends will see it. Different story if I pay for it though. I understand Facebook needs to make money, but they should be more forthright with it, just tell us why you really did it, otherwise, you start sounding like a used car salesman.

Next up, Facebook again, what about the Cambridge Analytica fiasco? This company mined data from Facebook, that helped them better target people who supported Donald Trump and gave them tools to diminish the opposition. The outrage is righteous or is it. Mining for personal data by media has been done for decades. Demographics and Psychographics are the backbones to conventional television and radio advertising. Is this any different? I don’t think so. Everyone needs to stop losing their minds and act smarter online. Share less!



And, if you think Facebook is horrific, wait to find out what Google does. I just read a frightening article about Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple. Talk about four companies that own everything.

The real scary part is how dangerous this data is. It helped put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse. In my opinion, (I said in my opinion so the right-wing racist/bigots don’t lose their shit) Donald Trump is the first narcissistic, racist, bigoted, ignorant sociopath to ever be President. If he isn’t stopped soon he will destroy the United States, possibly Canada and Mexico and do damage globally. How did this happen and how does it continue to happen? The Republicans are a joke, a non-party of old, elitist, rich guys who have backed this buffoon so deeply they can’t turn back.



But then it hit me, a theory, what if Trump is necessary? The middle class is disappearing and the divide between the 1% and everyone else is growing wider. Trump might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. I see these high school students standing up and demanding change. These kids are today’s hippies and Trump is the Vietnam War. It might be time for a paradigm shift in North America.

Here in Canada, I get quite annoyed when someone says, “Stop fixating on Trump we have bigger problems with Prime Minister Trudeau or Premier Notley.” What pisses me off about this is how can any sane person compare these two to Trump? I believe because of Trump the “Me Too,” movement picked up speed, as did the Parkland school teenagers, he has also empowered racists and bigots within the USA to voice their prejudices proudly. He has started a landslide of activity that may not have come to be if he wasn’t President.

Because of this and our proximity to the USA, this type of talk and behavior has filtered into Canada and our own group of loud mouth, Neanderthals have resorted to name-calling, racist behavior and child-like activities. It makes me wonder if as a society we have any more need for the right-wing movement. What makes Canada work is Democratic Socialism. A tool that keeps Capitalism in check. Personally, the Federal NDP is too far left for me, you know my feelings on the right so the Liberals seem to be our only option. Provincially, Rachael Notley is doing a bang-up job, but how couldn’t she, she was following 41 years of disaster with the Conservatives. And it is these right wingers who seem to think she will be gone next election. I don’t know, maybe, that would be a sad day for Alberta. The Conservative party has never had vision. They are the reason Alberta is in this recession. Diversification is real, not just a word thrown about lamely by politicians.

notley trudeau


But now I am ranting, I don’t want to do that. But I do enjoy it sometimes.  I bitch; therefore, I am!

On a social media note, we have finished shooting the new video for Rob Hislop Photography. It is in post now and will soon be online. Still working on a plan for my death doula and we will shoot Ladybird Photography’s demo in May. I am also off to Fort McMurray and Yellowknife this summer for more work with my paving client.

Right now, the world we live in is a crazy place, like I said earlier, the clowns are running things. The good thing is social media, it draws us together, where we can form groups and fight the good fight. Unlike the days of Gil Scott Heron, “The revolution WILL be televised!”

Ciao for now!


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